SQL PASS Summit 2014 Checklist

This year we are headed back to Seattle, WA. First time for me. New job and new goals to be focused on at this year SQL Summit. I’m so ready to be with the #sqlfamily and discover the coastal seaport city of Seattle. This year my wife Stacy will be my guest and attend the evening events. After the conference her and I are getting some R&R at a B&B for our anniversary. A few extra days on the pacific coast will be good for us.

Be ready to be physical and mentally drained and mind blow at the same time. Its the best way I can describe the summit. I enjoyed it some much last year; I’m going back. I didn’t giving my employers an option. Told everyone at the office this is a conference for me and is hands down the best event for SQL DBAs.

So what do I need to do before SQL PASS Summit 2014:


  • Pre-Con
  • Full Summit
  • 1 Day

Travel plans

  1. Transport / Accommodation
  2. It would also be worthwhile to start planning on how you’d want to get to Washington State Convention Center, i.e. by car or public transport, etc.
  3. Weather in November

Review Sessions

  1. Use the schedule builder to put together a list of sessions to go to
  2. Guidebook App

Review Local Attractions

  1. Trip Advisor

Check out the networking events ,#sqlrun, #sqlwalk and SQL Karaoke.

Stay Connected on Social Media (What to know whats going on? Get on Twitter!)

  1. #sqlpass
  2. #summit14
  3. #SQLFamily

Things to take with:

  1. Mobile devices (Chargers)
  2. Bag to carry brochures and etc.
  3. Walking, Running, and Drinking shoes
  4. Have your business cards ready
  5. Water Bottle

Work covered- Out of Office enabled on email. Noting the time differences for reply.

See if you know any one else coming

Spread about SQL PASS Summit

First Timers events

1 Goal

One of the ways to get the most of the PASS Summit is to have at least one goal on what you want to achieve, even if it was just to “hang out” with #SQLFamily. HAVE FUN!




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