Snipping Tool Alternatives

Over the past few weeks I have noticed we have some real artists in the screenshot arena. I have never really thought about using anything other than Microsoft “Snipping Tool”. I knew there were other options but never looked into them. As we all work support in some why or another. Having a power screenshot tools is a must. Including powerful Editing tools is a must (Append Arrows, Lines, Text, Different Colors) The MS Snipping Tools is weak in these areas and it surprised me how long I have used it without looking for a better solution. I did a search this morning for Snipping Tool Alternatives. Found –> I had heard of “Snagit” but knew it cost money $50. But then I found and try the second option on the list. “LightShot” WOW! Every feature I have been missing and more. It’s Free for PC or MAC / and Google Chrome Extension.

Does anyone else have recommendations for a snipping tool? I just know some of us still may be using MS Paint, MS PowerPoint, MS Snipping Tool; all which takes too much time in our day. I just wanted to share this knowledge and hope this information may save other folks a few minutes per day working on the screenshot manifesto! #SnippingTool