Leave the phone or headset charger brick at home

I’m loving the additional USB port on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Power Supply.
Plug your phone or headset into the USB 2.0 port to keep your other devices charged and ready to go at the same time as your Surface Pro 3.



Surface Pro 3 for a DBA a ture laptop/Desktop/iPad replacement


SQL PASS 285 Tech Tattoo on Surface Pro 3


Microsoft Store in Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta

Setting up in August 2014

Setting up in August 2014

Back in August 2014 I decided to get a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and mother was in need of a new laptop as well so we went together to investigate at the Microsoft Store in the Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta. Needless to say we pulled the trigger and made the purchases. Thanks Mom! 🙂 We both went with the Surface Pro 3 – 256GB / Intel i5 to get the version with 8GB RAM. I felt like I wanted the extra RAM for SQL Server and I’m glad I did. Over the past months this machine has been my laptop and tablet; I have still been using the iPhone for phone/email. I have added a few links below to help with the over experience be easier for other DBAs. I had no problem the first evening installing Microsoft SSMS 2014 and Visual studio 2012 from my ISO files. I also went ahead and added Red-Gate developer tools and SSMS Tools Pack. The installations went super fast with the SSD onboard. If you are hoping that the Surface is going to satisfy your need for apps; think again. Microsoft is lacking the apps in the marketstore. The big ones are there but I use the IE web for mostly everything and if you can install your everyday software.

At home I had an exisiting KVM IOGear Extreme 4 port KVM which got me the keyboard and mice working right away.

Before SQL PASS Summit 2014 I had to purchase the Plugable UD-3000 Universal Docking Station USB 3.0 to get the NIC and docking station feature for my PreCon on Big Data. In December had a small issue with the Intel drivers and the Plugable 3.0 to resolve check out: Plugable Blog


Surface Pro 3 and Plugable UD-3000 Universal Docking Station USB 3.0


IO Gear KVM and Second Monitor to Surface Pro 3

I also had a small issue with the WiFi not working automatically connecting after I enable the Hyper-V. Hyper-V functionality in Windows 8.1 doesn’t play nice with Surface Pro 3’s Connected Standby. Article: Surface Pro 3 Tip: Hyper-V vs. Connected Standby. So I have some saved batch files to enable and disable WiFi and Hyper-V.

Surafce SSMS

Magnets in this Cover connect with magnets in Surface Pro 3 to add stability when you’re typing on your lap. Like Type Cover 2, this Cover has backlit keys, with keys on the left side of the top row of keys to control keyboard brightness.


SSMS Screenshot from Surface Pro 3

Some useful links I used to make my purchase decision:

The Surface Pro 3 is a very good Windows 8.1 device I would recommend it to any DBA for home and business use. I’m also excited to see it working with Windows 10 Tech Preview.

Any Hikers and or DBAs power snacks


Mountain Trail Mix


For the last few years I have been snacking on one of the cheapest and tastiest treats. Thanks to my wife Stacy for finding and introducing it to me. Walmart has the best trail mix for any dbahiker that needs a power snack. It has real M&Ms chocolates, peanuts, raisins, almonds, and cashews. Thanks Walmart. Great for any kind of hike or just sitting at my desk writing code or administrating servers or users.