I will be Attending Southeastern Business Analytics Community

Excited to have a full afternoon of gathering with other BI professionals. Come join us whether you utilize Cognos BI, Cognos TM1 or IBM SPSS and are looking for ways to get full business value from your data, optimize performance management, or just interested in learning more about the latest IBM solutions, please register now for this valuable event.

April 22, 2016
11:00 AM – 3:00 PM

DataClarity Corporation – Southeastern Business Analytics Community

The Southeastern Business Analytics Community invites you to join IBM, DataClarity, and your peers on Friday, April 22 nd for the Spring Meeting of the Business Analytics User Group, an exclusive gathering of experienced professionals and IBM experts for real-world tips and best practices to help you harness the power of analytics in your organization.

Hope to see everyone there!


Microsoft’s PowerBI and Datazen

This week I’m going to be looking for differences in the two products at PASS Business Analytics. First initial look is one is cloud and one is on prem. Fiserv’s Bank Intelligence – bank/ credit union solution team has been on the search for a product to give our home grow BI product a face left. We have looked at Tableau, QlikSense, Cognos, Brist. This week @ #passbac I’m going to talking to people and get a real good idea on how PowerBI and Datazen could be a Fiserv solution. Stand by for updates.


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PASS Summit 2014…. 3rd Year!


SQLHiker Family in Pike Place Market


Selfie in Session


SQL karaoke



Space Needle


I’m back from the PASS Summit 2014 which had 3,941 delegates and 1,959 pre-conference registrations across 56 countries for a total of 5,900 registrations. The event’s sold-out Exhibit Hall features 57 partners, including Platinum sponsors Dell Software and HP. The visible first-timers badges were everywhere. My third year and keeps getting better each year. I did a lot of the usual things, walked in #SQLwalk, attended two pre-conference seminar, catching with coworkers and friends, visited with exhibitors, and went to a few after hours events (that included karaoke). You know, the remarkable Summit stuff. I was sporting my new t-shirts and sqlhiker logo designed by Daniel McLeod. Pre-conference I attended Big Data: Deploy, Design, and Manage Like a Pro with Adam JorgensenJohn Welch, and Buck Woody this was a well put together seminar the presenters knew there material. The level and nature of participation from students and presenters was simply exceptional, concrete exercise, concrete examples, excellent analysis and feedback. The time flew by! The second pre-conference I shadowed along in the SSIS: Problem, Design, Solution presented by the Knight brothers Brian KnightDevin Knight. The seminar materials were well worth it and included the two first class SSIS speakers insight for 5 hours; liked there approach.I also attended a series of PASS sessions at the event. I really enjoyed the sessions “Bullet-Resistant SSIS Packages” by Tim Mitchell and” Join Us! Getting Started as a Technical Speaker” by Eddie Wuerch. Both went be on the usual for explaining their topic. They are speakers I hope to be someday. I also went to a couple of community sessions in and around the work I will be doing at Fiserv. All good sessions; but this year is the first time I took a technical speaking course and something has clicked. I always knew enjoyed speaking and doing company Lunch n Learns. Just never thought about doing it for other DBA’s. So this year I’m setting new goals: Complete 24 blog post, volunteering some time to the Atlanta MDF chapter, and submitting as a speaker in a SQL Saturday. I just need to work out the timing and a topic. Any recommendations are welcome.With the long Veteran day following week after the conference; it gave my wife and I a chance to celebrate our anniversary and take in the tourist sites for an extra few days: Space Needle, Pike Place Market, Crab House, Bainbridge Island, Chihuly Garden and Glass, Seattle Great Wheel and Seattle Art Museum: SAM.The Summit is always a special event for me each year. I have been to many technical conferences in my career, but none compare to the experiences I’ve had since I began participating at PASS Summit. Whether you’re an attendee or a speaker, your experience will be enhanced exponentially by participating. First timer? No problem! This community welcomes you and wants you to have a positive experience. All you have to do is engage with other people. Smile. Ask a question. I hope to meet you and make your acquaintance.

SQL PASS Summit 2014 Checklist

This year we are headed back to Seattle, WA. First time for me. New job and new goals to be focused on at this year SQL Summit. I’m so ready to be with the #sqlfamily and discover the coastal seaport city of Seattle. This year my wife Stacy will be my guest and attend the evening events. After the conference her and I are getting some R&R at a B&B for our anniversary. A few extra days on the pacific coast will be good for us.

Be ready to be physical and mentally drained and mind blow at the same time. Its the best way I can describe the summit. I enjoyed it some much last year; I’m going back. I didn’t giving my employers an option. Told everyone at the office this is a conference for me and is hands down the best event for SQL DBAs.

So what do I need to do before SQL PASS Summit 2014:


  • Pre-Con
  • Full Summit
  • 1 Day

Travel plans

  1. Transport / Accommodation
  2. It would also be worthwhile to start planning on how you’d want to get to Washington State Convention Center, i.e. by car or public transport, etc.
  3. Weather in November

Review Sessions

  1. Use the schedule builder to put together a list of sessions to go to
  2. Guidebook App

Review Local Attractions

  1. Trip Advisor

Check out the networking events ,#sqlrun, #sqlwalk and SQL Karaoke.

Stay Connected on Social Media (What to know whats going on? Get on Twitter!)

  1. #sqlpass
  2. #summit14
  3. #SQLFamily

Things to take with:

  1. Mobile devices (Chargers)
  2. Bag to carry brochures and etc.
  3. Walking, Running, and Drinking shoes
  4. Have your business cards ready
  5. Water Bottle

Work covered- Out of Office enabled on email. Noting the time differences for reply.

See if you know any one else coming

Spread about SQL PASS Summit

First Timers events

1 Goal

One of the ways to get the most of the PASS Summit is to have at least one goal on what you want to achieve, even if it was just to “hang out” with #SQLFamily. HAVE FUN!



SQL Server Dynamic PIVOT Query

Let say you have a table or view that has customers credit scores from every quarter for a few years back and you want to pivot the data out but new data is coming every quarter and you want the query to continue to work.
We need a dynamic pivot query:

    @query  AS NVARCHAR(MAX)

 --Reporting_Date is the move column.
select @cols = STUFF((SELECT  DISTINCT ',' + QUOTENAME(ED.Reporting_Date)
                    FROM [Database].[dbo].[vw_Data_Reporting] AS ED

            FOR XML PATH(''), TYPE
            ).value('.', 'NVARCHAR(MAX)')
		set @query
		--/*This is the Pivot, we are inserting the @cols in two spots.
		 --  One in the Select from the Pivot
		 --  Two in the FOR IN */
      = 'SELECT pvt.[ID_Number],
    ' +    @cols +'
    (SELECT [Reporting_Date]
	  FROM [Database].[dbo].[vw_Data_Reporting]
    AS EQ
FOR [Reporting_Date]  IN
( '+
@cols +')
) AS pvt
		 --You have to pick PRINT or Execute but only one.

		-- 1. Uncomment to see the Printed Text for what you are about to run.
		--PRINT @query

		-- 2. Uncomment when you want to run it.

Enjoy and Happy Coding.

SQLHiker’s Hiking Gear

In February though March 2010 I hiked the Georgia section of the Appalachian Trail (AT) alone. Learned alot about me and who I wanted to be. When I got back I learned my first son Mason was going to be born in 9 months. Now Mason is 3 years old and we live only a few miles from where I was hiking. Trail life is fun, hard and rewarding; like life. Happy trails.

Just wanted to share my gear for the AT travelers thinking about doing it some day.


Appalachian Trail Hiking Gear:

72 L 2 lbs 1 oz GoLite Men’s Pinnacle Backpack, Black, Large 151001110

Camelbak Reservoir 100 oz/3.0L

Hennessey Hammock- Safari asym zip plus snake skins

Tree rigging hammock – 2x Carabineer, 2x Tree Straps, 4x Omega Pacific Aluminum Rap Ring

1x Tent- Eureka! APEX 2XT TENT

Jet boil- Flash Cooking Sysytem

JetBoil Four Season Fuel- 100


20L dry bag- camp inn gear up to go

Camp trails pack cover

Guide Series- Waterproof Men’s Pants

Columbia Waterproof Rain Jacket

Petzl Tikkina Head Light (2x AAA Batteries)

3x ZipLock bags

2011 Go Lite Adventure 3-Season Vario Sleeping Bag- 25 temp rating, 650+ Goose Down Insulation

Therm-a-Rest Z Lite Sleeping Pad, replaced with Ozark Trial Camping Pad, Blue from walmart

MSR MiniWorks EX Water Filter

2x 32oz Nalgene wide mouth bottles

REI Hiker First Aid Kit- 12oz

REI Micro Towel

Hiking Journal

Individually Singles Wet Ones

3x Outdoor Research Color Bags

Eye drops

Small Deodorant


Bug spray

Small Toothpaste

Replace contacts

Flint Starter

Neutralizing Tablets

2x Figure9 Carabineer

Small Swiss Army Knife

Concerntrated Campsuds Bottle

Small Containers for Food- Oliver oil , spics

MSR Ground Hog Stakes

Miller Lite Buff

2x Dryfit T-shirts

Gandermountain Men’s Trailhead Convertible Pant

4x pair wool socks

1x pair Vasque Hiking Boots

Anti-shock Hiking Pole, 2-pack

1x pair Crocs Shoes for camp site.

50’ of rope or cord to hang your food at night