I’m Not Impressed With Most Company’s Marketing Performance- Hold Marketers Accountable


My kids could have designed this T-shirt in ten minutes. This is NOT “we supply highly skilled experts for any project”. Great Job crawfordgroup



Find reports in your COGNOS BI with old URL image paths or package names through content store

At my company we have a lot of reports with old image path URLs from old templates that were used in COGNOS BI 7.0 pointing to an old location on IIS DNS Alias that we wanted to decom. We have moved the images to a new location and updated the COGNOS 10.2.1 templates. But had no way of updating the existing reports. So I wrote a  little SQL select and update statements to fix the issue in the COGNOS content store. I hope this help others admins and has a lot of other useful practices. But a word of cation the content store need to be backed up and queries need to be tested before used. I always would copy the report in COGNOS and narrow the where clause down to the one report and test it before updating the bulks of the reports.

--Find reports in COGNOS BI 10.2.1 with Old URL Image or Package Name

--COGNOS BI 10.2.1


--Package Name

--SET @sql = '''Premier'''

--Image URL

SET @sql = '%http://essdev/cognos8/samples/images/UCB.gif%'


c.[NAME] ,






[SRC] ,

[SPEC] ,





FROM    [Cognos_10].[dbo].[CMOBJPROPS7] r

INNER JOIN [Cognos_10].[dbo].[CMOBJNAMES] c

ON r.[CMID] = c.[CMID]

INNER JOIN [Cognos_10].[dbo].[CMOBJECTS] cm

ON c.[CMID] = cm.[CMID]

INNER JOIN [Cognos_10].[dbo].CMCLASSES T3


WHERE   --Package Name

--[SPEC] LIKE '%/content/package[@name='+@sql+']%'

[SPEC] LIKE @sql

AND T3.CLASSID IN ( 10, 76 )

AND c.NAME = 'Mailing'


-- UPDATE to Replace Company Image URL template


--cast(replace(cast(myntext as nvarchar(max)),'find','replace') as ntext)

SET [SPEC] = cast(Replace(cast([SPEC] as nvarchar(max)),'http://essdev/cognos8/samples/images/UCB.gif','../samples/images/UCB.gif') as ntext)

FROM [Cognos_10].[dbo].[CMOBJPROPS7] r

INNER JOIN [Cognos_10].[dbo].[CMOBJNAMES] c

ON r.[CMID] = c.[CMID]

INNER JOIN [Cognos_10].[dbo].[CMOBJECTS] cm

ON c.[CMID] = cm.[CMID]

INNER JOIN [Cognos_10].[dbo].CMCLASSES T3


WHERE [SPEC] LIKE '%http://essdev/cognos8/samples/images/UCB.gif%'


--Test one report at a before you do the bulk.

AND c.NAME = 'Top_Deposit_Customers'

VisualStudio 2013 Lightswitch

The last few days at work I have been working with VS 2013 Lightswitch to replace Microsoft Access mdfs use as frontend userinterfaces to sql tables and views. I have learned the product very quick with no VisualStuido exprience. The “How to Videos” by Bess M. are great and I would highly recommend for any first time users.

After SQL PASS Summit 2013

Just went to me first SQL PASS Summit and I have returned with a lots of new ideas for my work environment at UCBI and inspired to start this blog. I love everything SQL and hiking so I deiced to name it sqlhiker. So SQL Pass  what do I say? My first thoughts were this was going to be another tech conference. My first impressions after day one of precon I learned this was a family. The #sqlfamily is all about helping each other and the #summit13 really opened my eyes.

I got to visit with Wayne Valdes my previous co-worker at Pinch A Penny.  I meet Mladen Prajdić developer of SSMS Tools Pack. He told me version 3.0 would be out every soon.

Microsoft released SQL Server 2014 CTP2

This is my first post on SQLHiker.com and I am hoping to follow it up with many of the things I love about SQL and Hiking.